/e/ Account not working on phone


I have just installed e and I am struggeling to add the /e/ Account on my phone.
I always get “Lock in Failed. Please check your user name an password.” I have checked them a lot by now and also changed the password several times.
I can lock into the new Account at “https://ecloud.global” and I have now changed the password to an extremely simple one (only lower case letters).

Is there maybe an alternative way to add the Account to the phone? (This really limits the usability of my phone and I unfortunately don’t have second one.)

Any help would be very very appreciated.
Thank you!

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Hi @Feya welcome to the /e/ forum.

At the time of writing there is a reported “incident” at https://status.ecloud.global/. This could be the cause of the problem.

Perhaps give it a while to clear.

Hi aidb,

thank you very much for the swift reply!
I will just wait and try again tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

It is unusual to have an incident last quite so long!

Has this resolved for you? If not I think I would send the details to support@e.email.

Thank you for you reply! :slight_smile:
I have now just send them the debug info I receive. There must be a solution to this problem.
If, I can’t figure it out tomorrow, I will try to just install it again. Maybe my installation is somehow damaged…

I reinstalled completely by using the easy installer. It askes for an account in the installation dialogue and that worked.
Thank you for all the help though! That made me feel way less alone with my problem :smiley:

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