E apps installer or F-droid which is better

I am installing apps on my fresh install /e/ system, but I don’t have clear which is better? I am interesting in use open source apps but I want autoupdate and you have to be root for autoupdate in F-droid. All apps in e apps installer are of F-droid or google play?. For example what is the different between kde connect version of e apps and F-droid?

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F-droid notifies the user about new updates. I agree that it is not equal to autoupdate, but fair enough for my few apps I installed from f-droid.

To my knowledge, /e/Apps uses other source (https://info.cleanapk.org/) than f-droid and Google Play. That said, cleanapk claims that most of that apps come from f-droid.

I personally combine three sources with no issues: /e/Apps, f-droid and APKpure/APKpurer.

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