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Hi everybody, few months ago I’ve requested an app at the Appstore. Fine, it works perfect until now, because it’s oldfashioned now. A newer version is available, for example in Aurora, but not in this /e/-Appstore. Installing this app by Aurora, it works some days, then the /e/-Appstore installing the old version again. Another App-Request doesn’t help - the answer is, the App-Package is already available. Has somebody an idea?

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Don’t bother using /e/'s Apps store. Uninstall the app you got from there and re-install from Aurora Store. Then you will get the latest updates as soon as they are released to Google’s Play store, and you won’t have to wait for /e/ to make updates

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I sometimes nag contact@cleanapk.org if something is amiss or grossly outdated and see a result of it sometime later

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Thank you for your advice! Now I have an idea: “automatically update → off” :smiley: That’s the problem.

This contact I’ve searched for :smiley:
Thank you!