/e/ Battery life experience on GS290

This post is to share my experience with /e/ and the battery life on my Gigaset gs290.
From few weeks now /e/ os is installed, and result is really a new life for my smartphones experience.

This below is the result from my last full charge done.
Phone is always with 2 SIM cards inserted (on different networks) and generally in bad reception areas.
Wifi stays on and I switch to Airplane mode during night (±8h)
I use it generally for calls, sms and messaging via Signal, plus few browsing needs.

What to say, 8 days and a half and still 30% of battery!!! :heart_eyes:

(Of course I compare it with my other cellphone that needs to be charged once during the day to last until night…)

But for me this result is really… AMAZING!
Only one charge by week…
This is one of the main selling points of /e/ os on my point of view

Really a big THANK YOU for this wonderful os!

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Not sure if the OS has any impact on recharging speeds, but I find my gs290 takes a long times to charge. Do you know how long it would take you to recharge from a very low level eg 5-10% battery?
Glad your battery is lasting so long!

This is a good question. Never verified exactly, I would say between 3h30 and 4h for a full charge.
This is the same time with Android or /e/ , no difference from that point, I will verify at next charge.
It takes longer than for other smartphones, but battery is around 4700 mAh… So not the fastest, but reasonable.

Do you have a big difference to charge your gs290? More than 4h?
And about the battery life, how many days does it last?

It would be interesting to make an official compairison of the autonomy by model with /e/ and the original os…


Edit… Had to charge it from empty last night, took 6-7 hours for full charge.

Charging using cable purchased from /e/ store, and then bought another cable from phone shop to see if that would be faster. Both same result.

Any other gs290 users out there, can you post how long it takes to fully charge your device? :pray:

Battery lasts maybe just short of 2 days without too many apps running.

6-7h seems to be very long
Official specs on gigaset website indicates around 3h with the provided charger

Mine is still in the box because I use a multi usb charger placed on my desk for that purpose.
But if I’m not wrong, seems to charge faster with a wireless charger, did you already had the possibility to try that?

Yep thought it was taking very long also.

No, I don’t have a wireless charger, just USB cable into power plug.

I had searched gigaset website for charging times but didn’t find this. Their website mentions super fast charging with ‘media tek pump express technology’ and I wonder if using /e/ had somehow negated this tech.

Do you know if there is a way to test battery recharging performance?

Interesting, On the mediatek website it is indicated you have the Pump express technology via usb and wireless.
Which one do we have on the gs290? Both?

MediaTek Pump Express 4.0 cuts smartphone battery recharge times by over half, compared to a standard USB charger. It supports the latest USB-C cable standard, with up to 5 Amps of current.

The technology is compatible with the international standard of ‘USB PD 3.0 programmable power supplies’, allowing standard USB PD 3.0 fast chargers to boost Pump Express 4.0-enabled smartphones.

Pump Express Wireless

Charging your smartphone wirelessly is much more convenient than digging a cable out every time you need to charge. Now, you can just drop it on the charge pad and it starts charging automatically.

Pump Express Wireless is compatible with both Qi baseline power

Yeh I 'm not sure either.
I was confused by the ‘pump express’ thing too. I didnt know was it part of the phone,or was it some kind of fast charging physical USB plug, but could not find it such a thing anywhere to be bought online.

The wireless charging station/unit I can see and understand, it is a physical wireless charging pad, but what is the USB version of this they are talking about?

According to Gigaset website specs, the provided charger has this fast charging, but don’t see any reference to the “Mediatek Pump Express” at least on the french version of the website

*Puissance de sortie: *
9V / 2A PE+ fast charging

Temps de charge: ca. 3 h

Did you noticed the same charging times on the begin?

Do you have a link to that charger?

I bought the phone new from the /e/ store in Februray, charging has been the same speed from day 1.

I would buy a gigaset charger if I thought it would charge faster.

I do not find the charger on the Gigaset website…

This is what is wrote on the charger (no mention of Gigaset anywhere):
output 5v=3.0A or 9v=2.0A or 12v=1.5A

Any charger with same specs should be fine, you should preferably test first with another charger before to purchase one.
I’ll test the original charger next time to see if I notice any difference.

For the discharge, you should verify the apps using more ressources if it’s normal or not.
(Also, gps, BT, mobile data can drain a lot)

Did you already updated to 0.18? Mine is still on 0.17 version

Have tested with various chargers and cables and same result, and those chargers charge other phones fast, so I think the slowness is not with the charger or the cable but with the phone.

Still on 0.17, have not updated to 0.18 yet, waiting for the stable version which is due out this week but not sure that will change anything, I have another /e/ phone which was charging away like a good thing on 0.17 :rocket:

My battery gs290 lasts 5 days with approximately 1 hour of browser use per day.
I’m very satisfied.
A tip : prefer web app than native apps when possible. No background connections, so less battery drain.
Another tip : forbid network access to native apps which doesn’t need to connect (ex : youcut, document viewer, etc)
You can monitor your connections with PCAPdroid to detect greedy apps.
Another tip : prefer open source app (fdroid) when possible.

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Just tested a full charge with the provided charger from Gigaset.
From 14% to full took 1h50

Full means 100%, it is good to specify it, because with Android it should stop at 90% due to the Battery Saving program of Gigaset.

This confirm that indeed it is faster than a standard charger.
Chances are that you have a faulty battery, or something else…
Unfortunately we cannot replace the battery easily :pensive:

That’s a good performance !
Do you know how much it was lasting with the android installed by default?
Do you notice a big difference?

Gigaset has annaunced charge limiting with android 10.

**Test haben gezeigt, dass eine 10-prozentige Reduktion der maximalen Ladung die Gesamtlebensdauer des Akkus um bis zu 50 % verlängern kann. Deshalb kommen die aktuellen Gigaset Smartphones ab sofort mit einer voreingestellten Ladegrenze bei 90% der Akkuleistung.
[…] Natürlich schreibt Gigaset seinen Kunden nichts vor – die Ladegrenze von 90 % kann jederzeit seitens des Kunden wieder aufgehoben werden. ** <
But /e/ has no such options. Instead thera are useless options for charge indicator LED.

@WilRo do you know is it possible to buy this charger anywhere?

But /e/ has no such options.
Most charging software is that stupid - unfortunately. They don’t expect engineers using and understanding it.
The only postive example I had in my hand so far was a “Lenovo” notebook. With a little searching, settings could be found for maximum charge level and a level below which it starts recharging (!).

As universal workaround for situations like this I bought a timer (like Ansmann AES1). I set it to the approxmate charging time and then leave it alone. It is also useful for many other tasks than charging.

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With an app that can only inform about reached state of charge I found out that with slow charging on the PC via USB and simultaneous waste of power, the increase in the charge level (x%/h) goes to zero. Android 10 seems to value this as a 100% state of charge and stops charging. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work since yesterday’s update to 0.18-20210827132306

@mike_from_ireland Unfortunately not, I cannot find it anywhere.
If you have to go for a new purchase, why not consider a wireless charger Qi?

Something like the samsung GP-TOU020SABWQ for home is perfect, if you need something more light you can find other alternatives… Switching from normal to wireless can maybe solve your issue if it is not a battery problem