E-cloud : choose type of file to synchronise

i would like to know if it’s possible to choose the type of things we want to send to the cloud.
I don’t need to synchronise all my files/pictures. My cloud is full, i only need to synchronise my contacts, agenda, and eventually files or pictures i could choose individually.
On the same topic, can i delete files from the cloud without deleting it from the phone? Last time i tried removed files from the cloud they were removed from the phone too.
I read some nextcloud documentation, it didn’t help.
Thanks for your help…


Go into settings > accounts > /e/ > tap on account name (----@e.email) > and deselect the items you don’t want to sync to cloud. (Pictures & Videos etc)

Yeah, I’ve asked the same question and got the same answer. But actually under the Settings you can’t choose to not have files and folders synced to your phone. There are some limited folders, like Pictures and Videos, but I probably don’t want any files synced over. The NextCloud client works better as it does just that.

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Thanks, it works as i want now. I’ll try the nextcloud client when I have time.

When I go to settings > accounts > /e/ > tap on account name (----@e.email) I can check or uncheck contacts, and two types of agendaitems, personally and birthdays.

HoweVer on my previous phone my music was sinced as well. I didn’t even know that this was the case, but since my old phone broke, I want to sinc the music files back to my new phone. How do I do that?

Hi @langedarm under Settings >> Accounts >> your /e/@e.email account >> Account sync if you tap on it a screen opens up where you can sync a number of different items.

I think there is a misunderstanding. The user want select the type of files.
For example: all .doc / .xls / .odf / pdf should synced.
All .bat / .bak / .xyz should NOT synced.

This you can do with nextcloud client, but not with edrive client

@manoj. Thnx, but Music files is not one of the options. It seems though that my music files are synced.to my /e/ account because music that I put on my phone yesterday appears in the music directory and it says thatit was synced 1 day ago. But how do I get music that was synced from my previous phone to my /e/ account to be synced back to my current device?

@harvey186. No misunderstanding. Manoj was answering my question, which was a bit different form haju68’s question.

I am not sure that syncing of data across different devices is possible.

If I would use the client esp. for “Pictures and videos”, I do have to uncheck this item in my /e/-account?



just to clarify some things and close this topic (please open new threads for other questions).

  • it is possible to sync 2 phones with the same ecloud account. Pictures taken on one will appear on the other one after some minutes. (5 to 30)
  • normally you don’t want as it would take space from both, but for music or a migration it can be useful.
  • you can create new folders in ecloud and those will not be included in edrive sync. You can use those to store files on the cloud that you don’t want trasnferred to the phone
  • for the other way around (cloud is full) you can use the toggles as explained above and if they are too general you can disable sync in settings and use Nextcloud client instead. Also storing pictures/files on SD card is an option (that’s what I normally do, to transfer later in batch to the computer)

Hope it helps,