E-cloud : choose type of file to synchronise

i would like to know if it’s possible to choose the type of things we want to send to the cloud.
I don’t need to synchronise all my files/pictures. My cloud is full, i only need to synchronise my contacts, agenda, and eventually files or pictures i could choose individually.
On the same topic, can i delete files from the cloud without deleting it from the phone? Last time i tried removed files from the cloud they were removed from the phone too.
I read some nextcloud documentation, it didn’t help.
Thanks for your help…

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Go into settings > accounts > /e/ > tap on account name (----@e.email) > and deselect the items you don’t want to sync to cloud. (Pictures & Videos etc)

Yeah, I’ve asked the same question and got the same answer. But actually under the Settings you can’t choose to not have files and folders synced to your phone. There are some limited folders, like Pictures and Videos, but I probably don’t want any files synced over. The NextCloud client works better as it does just that.

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Thanks, it works as i want now. I’ll try the nextcloud client when I have time.