/e/ community installer guidelines

Dear /e/, i would like to start offering to help anyone in my city (Utrecht, the Netherlands) to install /e/, especially when the new installer app is available that Gael mentioned in his blog on medium. Are there any guidelines from /e/ on how to start doing this, to serve as a community install volunteer for /e/?


Hi @Rik the idea behind the easy installer is any user should be able to use it without help :slight_smile:
That being said if anyone ( or you in this case) wishes to provide such help to others you can definitely do so. Since the tool is still in development we do not have the exact guidelines of how it will work… I am expecting something as simple like connect phone with usb cable and with a few clicks the phone should be flashed…that is just assumption for now.
We will share details and guidelines for volunteers if any once we have the tool ready hopefully early next year 2020.

The idea of the /E/asy Installer is great, but it is a big technical challenge for the developers - with all the different device requirements and conditions to flash a new custom ROM.

An offer a lá “help anyone in my city” should not be underestimated because of the legal liability issues.