/e/ developers on G00GL goolag?

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IFC_org – Medium

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@pjmbraet I am assuming you are seeing these links are on Medium.com . There is no way we can control what medium calls .
The best option would be not to post to that site and that is what we will do eventually when we host our own blog or get a good ‘clean’ blog hosting service.


What about relocating to a Write Freely platform, eg. write.as - it could go nicely with the already existing Mastodon account.

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The blog is hosted on Medium.com. https://edevelopers.blog/ doesn’t exist.

The articles written under a common ID edevelopers.blog are posted on Medium.com. We do not have a blog called edevelopers.blog . We use a common ID because a number of developers from the team contribute in writing one article . So it does not get posted in any single persons name but gets a common ID.
When we decide to start a proper blog it may be hosted on a site like write.as or some other such host.

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