E drive chewed through 10gb mobile data

Have never had this as a problem before so not sure if something changed but i was extremely surprised when a cpuple of days into a new billing cycle i got a data usage warning and found out that e drive had gobbled up 10 gb of mobile data? It said it was foreground data but to my knowledge i never use e drive in the foreground and dont even use it for anything other than contacts calendar and the like. How has it used up so much data so quickly and why does it seem to only be an opt out to using mobile data setting? Surely something that can chew through 10gb mobile data in a day or two should be auto disabled to use mobile data by default.

That said it could be something i have done but i dont recall even using e drive for anything other than stated above.

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Same here, first time I thought ok, maybe I used my phone too much, but next month, the exact same thing happened again only with 16GB.
For now I switched off all of the mobile data settings for e cloud.

Greetings, Reini

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I suddenly had this issue today (but not such gross usage). It has cropped up before (but I had only experienced it due to user error). I have this thread bookmarked – it links to an active issue High mobile data usage /e/Storage.

In my case this seems to have been triggered by an innocent looking message from my carrier apparently re MMS (actually sending new APN settings), sent on switching SIM cards from a test device to “main” phone).

From Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network > App data usage

  • App Lounge was responsible for the usage.

I have subsequently set Settings > Network and internet > Mobile network > Data warning & limit >

  • Set data warning ON > Data warning, apply
  • Set data limit ON > Data limit apply

Returning to App lounge, the already applied,

Settings >

  • Only on un-metered network is ON
  • Automatically install updates was ON.

I now set Automatically install updates to OFF !


Me too… 8Gb :confused: not happy, don’t understand why

Suggest a user raise an issue on gitlab with details of the device and timeline when this data drain was experienced. That way we can assign it to a developer and have it tracked.

@mjcalypso @cad-forge @andeyeroo
Pl can you share which device and build version you are on.

Need the version info to check, as with v0.23 we had rolled out a fix for a similar problem as mentioned in the post by @aibd

Need the device info to verify if this fix did not reach any particular device.

Oneplus 5t dumpling
And i believe this is my build number
e_dumpling-userdebug 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20220324.181056 dev-keys

After looking for build number it seems i have missed some updates that are waiting in system update however i dont think i was notified as usually theres a persistent message to update when a new one is pushed right?

This is how my update menu looks at the moment but i dont remember getting a push notification for either (obviously will update asap now).

Always download and install the latest build in this list.

Fairphone 3+

Do you need specific device infos?

e_FP3-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20220511.182454 dev-keys,stable-release

I had similar issues and changed my e-drive to only update once every 24 hours and that helped me a lot.

I discussed this issue with the development team. They have shared a detailed response and mentioned that

  • One of the reasons could be the App Lounge which attempts to sync in the background and ends up consuming data
  • This issue is being addressed as part of v1.0 where it will check what option user has set - metered or unmetered networks
    At present, we have a scenario where if the user has a large photo or document collection on the device it triggers the upload to eDrive which is an expected action but can be costly on a metered data plan.
  • As you may be aware, data sync is enabled by default to eCloud on /e/OS. We plan to disable this in v1.0
    The summary of what needs to be done at present is
  1. Users to apply the last updates
  2. Manually disable the Account sync Settings >>Accounts >>Your email ID >> Account sync disable the options you do not want to happen automatically

As mentioned, as part of v1.0 we will be adding a setting to check and disable the sync on metered networks.

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Kudos to v1.0 – it has seen and reported this event.


(Note, I only set a very low data limit after the event.)

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Hallo Manoj,

First I must say I am very impressed with the speed of your customer support.
Secondly, I must admit to making a mistake. (it doesn’t happen often, and it is just embarrassing):wink:
I have been using /e/ custom Rom on my old galaxy S4mini, to test it out. Two weeks ago the Sim card stopped working.
In the meantime, I flashed LineageOS on a BQ aquaris x pro, and have simply used Murena as a homepage on the Bromite browser… while waiting for the new OS version from you guys.
So I guess the extra data consumption was my own fault. I had to use the Hotspot one day.
I will delete the post in the forum.
Sorry for the late response, I was on holiday



See also this thread: /e/ Drive app in overdrive

It was not enough for me to disable mobile data, so I disabled wifi for eDrive as well. After the update to 0.23 I tried again, and it was fine for a week or so, but then it started doing the same thing.

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