E / drive save which elements?

Till I install this e/ ROM I can see often some upload to /e/ drive in the notification bar …is it normal? What’s exactlly is save to drive?
I could see a boot animation file strange …

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These upload notifiactions are mostly system settings. The Devs said that these notifications are currently during the beta phase there for debugging reasons and will be deactivated for V1.0.
You can configure what is synced in Settings -> Accounts -> /e/.
In order to see what is actually on the /e/ drive, you can access it with your login and password on https://drive.ecloud.global/.

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Well I downloaded the Amazon Music app and downloaded some of the music I have in my library to the phone. /e/ uploaded some of the music files to my cloud, there does not seem to be an option for Music though in my /e/ account settings for syncing.

I’ve just joined /e/ and set up my phone today, I added my music collection to the phone, and it’s automatically tried to upload it all to the e drive maxing it out in the process. I don’t really want it to do this but I can’t find a way to control what is synced ??

If you go to Settings > Accounts > Choose your /e/ account > Account sync and tap on it you will see all the data that is synced to the edrive. Unselect the ones you do not need to sync.
On the ecloud check what all is already there in the folder. Copy it to your desktop first and delete it from the eCloud if your want to free up space already taken.

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Hi @Manoj Thank you for your reply. I’ve just looked there and I have options for

Address books
Application settings
Pictures and videos

I can’t see one for Music though ? Do I just disable the Pictures and videos one ?