/e/ email address rejected by some websites

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m using /e/ for few months, including email address (I replace my Gmail address by my /e/ address in all my internet account, little by little) and there is one very annoying problem for me: the /e/ email address is sometimes refused by websites.

I think this is because of its particular syntax: “e.email”. The fact there is only one character between “@” and domain seems to be a problem to some websites. These websites probably use an incorrect regex to check email validity, but finally this is a problem for /e/ users :pensive:

This is a big problem, because it prevents me to totally use my /e/ account.

Am I the only one who encountered this problem ?

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Julien_Ollivier please can you share the rejection email. The reasons can help us understand what is happening.

I might add that have encountered the same issue when trying to register on a website with the /e/ e-mail; message usually is “…use a valid e-email…” or so.
But that’s the only issue I had, I can send and receive messages using the web interface of /e/ or my personal Nextcloud web interface and on my phone.

I have had the same issues with another email address I have that ends in .email. Some websites are still using old validation rules that assume the TLD is 3 characters. The only thing you can do is try to contact the website administrators and inform them that their filters are causing a false error.

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That is what I also felt is happening in @Julien_Ollivier 's case. Still wanted to check if there was anything different in the messages.

Yes, I know that problem. Some registration sites don’t know/ accept ‘email’ at the end. they need something like com or net or de or biz – the good known domain letters.

Ok thank you for the explanation ! I though it was because of ‘e’ part of the email, I was wrong :blush:

I didn’t have a rejection email. I talked about the “…use a valid e-email…” error message problem.
One time only, a person said me that an email she tried to send was rejected, but I haven’t get the error message back, sorry :confused:

Ok thank you all for your answers, there is no miracle solution then… I will accommodate myself to this situation :slight_smile:

Thanks for raising this issue, anf for the answers, I have been wanting to get rid of my Gmail but until I am assured the new e.email will be accepted universally I will need Gmail for a number of sign-in applications etc

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