E-forum moderation?

I’ve had a few posts delayed for approval, and now one apparently not approved. This discourse forum collects all kinds of user interaction statistics. So I’m curious how much this happens behind the curtain. Are moderation statistics available? Is there an explanation of e-moderation policy?

Hi @ithink314 posts that are not relevant, abusive or in any way off topic are not approved. We do not collect statistics of users and there is no ‘behind-the-curtain’ activity here. Maybe once we have time to write up policies and rule books we will write and document down everything. If you think everything we do at /e/ is part of a conspiracy then there is not much that can be done. And Yes we do have a few users who are representatives of other development communities and here to criticize anything and everything we do and at the same time push their own site and promote their products. Have to be very careful what we allow and disallow.

For the record, my long delayed comment was eventually approved, so I’m not guilty of any of those offenses. :smiley:

User Statistics - Discourse automatically records so much user interaction data, it knows how long we spent reading (or displaying) each comment on each post! And much more, as anyone who has looked at user profiles knows. The e-web server and nextcloud, email, etc. site activity is logged, and I’ve found nothing saying you delete logs. I believe you’re not interested in using the data for marketing etc., today. No one knows for sure what the future will hold.

Behind curtain - I only know posts are moderated and delayed because it happened to me, behind the scenes. I believe you’re relatively open, but I have no idea how often other users’ posts are delayed, or not approved, because those statistics are not shown, to me, by discourse. No doubt discourse keeps a count; it probably keeps the time taken to review each moderated post, and statistics on delays. Thus, it is behind a curtain, for me.

Yes, always be very careful, and never be evil. :wink:

Yes, ofc. Don’t be evil! :grin: Love this @ithink314
I think /e/ moderation does a great job keeping the forum happy and productive. Kudos to the team!

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The wait period to delete a post is just a default setting. Maybe giving the user time to either edit or update the post.
Deleting account with all info should also be possible if users so wish. Users can also have their posts deleted. Only problem is I guess it would create a lot of holes in topics where the user has commented.

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This is probably the reason why discourse allows to anonymize a user with lots of topics instead of deleting the user.