E foundation official blog : where?


i’m a bit lost regarding the best place to follow /e/ os news ; there is a newsletter, but apart from that, on the main site, I see no obvious news blog section.

E.g. it’s only through a forum link that I found this article : https://e.foundation/fairphone-and-e-expand-the-availability-of-e-os-to-fairphone-3-plus-users/

Google search brings this URL, but it’s empty : https://e.foundation/news/

Where is the official feed of e.os announcements ? If there is none, wouldn’t it be good to bring announcements up to the surface, for those who don’t go following links down to the forum?

I know of the /e/ Developers Blog at https://medium.com/@edevelopers.blog

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The website is being updated. That could be the reason why the news section comes up blank. Once the site is fully functional you should be able to track /e/news from there. The ETA was two weeks for completion.


Thanks for the inputs, very interesting developers’ blog indeed, I hope there will be a link to it too on the incoming website :slight_smile:

The same articles are posted on the forum here
We eventually want to own a blog which is self hosted.

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