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Hi, I’m planning to change from gmail to e.mail as a primary mail at some point, but I want to do some planning first: I have been using gmail for the last 9 years to work, so I have a lot of contacts to tell about the change… The problem is that, after doing some test with e.email, I discovered that the test email I send from my /e/ mail to my gmail account went straightforward to the SPAM folder in my gmail, so I’m worried that many of my contacts won’t see my @e.email mail telling them about the change. I know that the SPAM settings are different in every mail, but is there something I can do to avoid or minimize my e.mails going to other peoples SPAM folder? Does anyone in a similar situation has any other strategy on how to make this change as less painful as possible? Thanks

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I think you should wait a little before using /e/ mail services. Especially if it’s for a professional purpose. If you want to quit Gmail as soon as possible, you should try ProtonMail or Tutanota. We will see in one year how /e/ mail is, if there is end to end encryption etc.
For now I only use my /e/ mail for /e/ thing like the gitlab or the forum.


Hi @Anonyme, thanks for your recommendation. I would like to quite Gmail soon, but to be honest I don’t want to go through the process of changing mail twice, so I’ll better follow your advice and stick to gmail until I see how /e/ mail service goes, and download the gmail app in /e/, even if it leaks data. Also thanks for suggesting other email, I’ll have a look at them anyway :slight_smile:

If I can say it, the /e/ mail web service user interface seems a little basic to me, but I guess this is because it’s very recent. I hope it will get a little bit more sofisticated with the time.

I don’t know your situation so maybe it won’t apply for you, but deleting an email we used to use for years is a long process. I decided to delete my Google (and Gmail) account on December, 5 mounths later it’s still not done because I want to be sure there is no service I would have forgoten that use my Gmail adress. (Actually on December I’ve deleted absolutely all my accounts of all services I could remember in order to have a fresh start on the Internet.)
I’ve absolutely nothing in my Inbox for 3 mounths so I think I can and will delete it the next mounth, in June.

I’ve chosen ProtonMail for everything that know my true identity, like my banks account, university account etc and a Tutanota adress for everything else where I want to be Anonymous, like Deezer, Snapchat and stuff like that.

It’s important to have multiple email adress for multiple usage. Why did I chose ProtonMail AND Tutanota ? Simply because in order to have multiple email adress in one ProtonMail or Tutanota app, a premium account is needed.

When I create an account for a xyz sercice, I add in the Contacts tab of my Proton or Tuta account a contact named xyz, in order to have a complete list of all my online accounts. That’s how I manage my Internet life.

It has two advantages : I can change my virtual identity every two years by deleting all the accounts I have and create new ones, and I can quickly change password of all my account in case it’s compromised.
Having a complete list of all my online account procur me the sensation I control my Internet life. Before I had the feeling my email adress was everywhere, I didn’t know where I had an account and it was messy.

So you do like you want but when you have that complete list of account and who you have contacted with your email adress, it’s not complicated to change it :slight_smile:


Thanks for explaining your case, it’s always good to have different examples of how to manage e-mail and service accounts in order to pick the best solution for each one of us
. :slight_smile:

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@Anonyme Verey nice idea!!!
I think I’ll try it too. I use Tuta now so I think I’ll use Protonmail for everything else. Great idea!

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