/e/: Mandrake-Gründer will freie Android-Alternative schaffen


How do we get the English version of the article?

Such non-english articles are written by journalists in local language, and do not come with an english version. Since there were quite many articles around 3-Jan '18 about /e/ you may have a look at the other articles in english published at that time - they are relayed on this forum - to get a global understanding what was said about /e/ early January.

Now to get the specifics of that article you’ll have no other choice to get it translated, for example with your favorite online tool.

I know, it’s Google. Most accurate translator I have found though. Paste any website link into the tool. It will continue to translate as you click on links.


I have also used Kiwi and Yandex but the translates are not as good. Any other options out there? Maybe another service for /e/ to have :wink: