/e/ needs developers...Here is how you can help

Do you want to help out with the development of /e/ ???
Want to be a participant in this exciting journey and help write the code for the Operating system of the future?
This is your chance. Send us your details and we will get back to you.
In case you are not a developer you can still help.
Know someone with superb development skills? Someone who would be interested in working on /e/?
If yes then ask them to pass on their details to us.


i 'd like to help eelo to growth a lot !!
i read in telegram chanel people trouble to build many on there own pc.

We can rent a server for that and share usage for that may be 3 or 5 build a time.

i use soyoustart it is half price on older ovh server best price is like 42 € ttc/month so for a years near 500 €
maybe we can found software that got interface for this usage: build eelo on demand
in external of nightly images.

Thanks for the offer @MonsieurB - the main request was for developers who can write code and augment the team on its path for the next phase of the development.
Having said that will pass on your offer to the development team and have them get back to you on this.

We already have someone who lends us a server, we are using it specifically for custom builds. So we could use this new server (and others laters) for the same purpose. It should be available for /e/ developers who need to do custom builds, including ROM maintainers.
Once a ROM is in a stable state, we can add it to our main build server workflow (which is using other servers, about 6 at the moment)

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i think to interface like this