E on moto g7 now installed

I just installed e on a moto g7.

I first tried OSX Big Sur and struggled to get fastboot working in the terminal so I had to install Windows 10 via Bootcamp and was able to restore the bootloader using Motorola Software Assistant as somehow the boot image became corrupted while connected to OSX.

Once on Windows 10 I was then able to proceed with the instructions on e foundation and pmoody’s community post (thanks!) to install e dev beta on moto g7.

I came back to OSX this morning and found an article that mentioned adding .\ in front of adb devices which allowed adb and fastboot to find and issue commands to the moto g7.

What an adventure but good fun!

It feels good to be de-googled but I am wondering how I can install my bank app without losing the integrity of not being connected to google. Auroroa Store seemed to solve this for any additional apps. :slight_smile:

Everything working so far in e except for notes which came up with a server sync error.

“synchronisation failed server connection broken”
java.io file not found exception


Looking forward to the non beta image which will have OTA updates.

Thank you e foundation! Great work!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I want to buy a Moto G7 power to install /e/ on it (I can’t find any G7 phones. I think in the Netherlands only the G7 power was sold), but the install doc says only models XT1962-01, /04, /05 and /06 are supported. I’m not sure but I think the G7 power has model no XT 1955-4. As far as I know, all the hardware is the same except for the bigger powerbank. Could I do any harm if I tried to install /e/ on this model number?


I am not sure if this would work. Perhaps @Manoj could advise if a moto g7 power build is in development.

Devices already with official LOS support are easy to build and will all get on the supported list. I think Moto G7 power is also supported so should be getting an /e/ version as well. Do not have the dates as yet.

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I have a Mororola G7 Power in the USA.

I will be trying on a Motorola G7 Power XT1955-2 Canadian version.