e/OS 1.4-beta Version Upgrade fails, Install error. OnePlus Nord

So like the subject say I get an install error when I try to install test channel update for the OnePlus Nord avicii. The only information I get is just a notification that says:

e/OS 1.4-Sep. 8, 2022
Install error

I tried to brows to the "data” > “lineageos_updates” but you cant browse to it with the E installer like you can with TWRP (known issue).

I have backed up my phone and downloaded a copy of the update on my PC (copied URL and emailed it to myself).

Should I attempt a manual install or anyone have any insights?

Thanks user jets

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I just tried the later update from the next day and it installed 1.4-beta-20220909217255 so this is good :slight_smile:

The 5G is not fixed yet but maybe that is for the official release. I will contact gitlab contact and provide feedback.

Great to hear of progress with this device. If you volunteer to join the testing team Testing @Murena you can give feedback directly while you are testing the release candidates. You will also have access to the Gitlab “test session” thread dedicated to the 1.4 build, so your input is likely to be highly useful to the guys working on it right now.

For working in the testing channel, you want your device to be well backed up, then a “dirty flash” is quick and simple. Just replace the /system on your device by the /e/ ROM image you want.

So referring to the install page for Nord Install /e/OS on a OnePlus Nord - “avicii” we see the method for this device:

  • on the device
    /e/ Recovery > Apply update > Apply from adb > ADB sideload

  • from your PC
    adb sideload downloaded_file_name.zip

Good luck

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