e/OS/ aiming at US?


what a joke, the system doesn’t even work in EU

It works fine for me in the US. I think it would be a good idea to push for US adoption, given all the censorship going on here. Americans need their privacy, too. I post a link to /e/ OS all the time in various forums.


Can’t say it really doesn’t work as my FP3 is working pretty ok for the last 6 months.
There are some minor hiccups with specific apps but i rather blame those to the apps en their developers than to the OS.
I’ve been on iOS previously and I was swearing on the OS too, so don’t see much difference there :grimacing:


What about the phone is not working? I am waiting on my dev-phone to arrive so I can install this OS and test it.

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never seen a custom ROM so buggy… back to LOS

Not trying to be argumentative here, and certainly /e/OS has its shortcomings, but perhaps it is “buggy” (as you characterize it) exactly because it attempts to do what other custom ROMs don’t.

It stands to reason that if other custom ROMs did what /e/OS attempts to do (and did it better), there would be no need for /e/OS. Just a thought.


Yeah, but what version of /e/ are the phones running? Do they have the most recent upgrade? Because that would suck if people had to upgrade manually after the fact.

Also kind of sad that I could have waited a couple of months for a more hassle-free experience instead of: finding the phone, installation nightmare #1, sorting out volumes of out-of-date documentation, how-to’s etc, phone carrier debugging, installation nightmare #2 i.e. also known as finding/installing stock Android 10, then re-installing the newest /e/ version, etc.

Sounds like they need more revenue streams…? So why not try and tap the US/CAN market, right?.. Well best of luck, but barely anybody here knows that /e/ even exists. This company’s communication/marketing department is a total joke!

@Manoj is the only respectable person I know of.

an ‘idiot noob’. (as per @gael )

Strange. I’ve spoken to several Americans on this forum. I’ve also read about /e/ on various American Tech websites. Naturally /e/ will be better known in Europe as it began, and has been selling phones, here for some time. But awareness and interest has been shown to exist on the Western side of the Atlantic for at least as long as I’ve been using it (October 2018.)


Several Americans out of how many that were even aware of ‘other’ OSes (Lineage, etc), let alone those that read into it, then turned right back around after reading (or finding out) the technical aspects of getting said OSes installed/running? There’s just no mass appeal as it stands currently.

Think about it, how much money and marketing power is behind the major US phone carriers/manufacturers? /e/ and others are no match - not trying to poo-poo their efforts (I am a fairly happy /e/ user) but they don’t stand a chance in the US until said GAFAM get so irrevicably evil that people start to really really care about not using them, and the demand for an alternative rises way more than the level it exists as of now.

I don’t even remember how I found about /e/ but I do know it wasn’t from /e/ themselves.

I’m an American. I’ve been using e for well over a year on two phones. Works great. I love it. The problem with e on US phones (from what I gathered when searching for a compatible one) is that many/most phones sold in the US have a bootloader that can’t be unlocked. So, finding the right make and model is tricky. But, I think that pre-installed e phones sold and supported in the US would be a great idea. Sorely needed.


I’m not saying lots. Alternative operating systems are a minority interest on every continent. Nobody I know IRL outside of my job has any awareness of them. Yet /e/ IS being used and phones ARE being sold - not only in Europe. Little acorns and all that.


Being a regular /e/ user I thought to clarify few questions (for my knowledge)

  1. Is it really buggy?!
  2. What kind of problems did you face?
  3. Which device did you use to experience /e/?
  4. Which version of /e/ did you use?
    Could you explain a bit more?
    Let’s be helpful to each other :pray:

Still using /e/ since november 2018. In EU.
Little bugs but nothing that blocked my use.

Happy to have an unGAFAM phone.

Thanks to @gael for this project and /e/ team to have developed it using Every thing existing and open source programs.


General statements like “never seen a phone so buggy” are nebulous and useless. The S9 works at at least 4 9’s 99.99 as opposed to what? An google laden android piece of garbage where not only your ISP places a layer of their preloaded junk, plus the google layer laden with their garbage layer of baited junk and myriad of third party stool pigeons whom they own and use as part of their world wide onslaught of marketing and tracking. I’ll gladly take a few bugs on a system, being developed by people who actually care about the rights and privacy of people, if it had any. 10 works perfectly on S9. The purpose of /e/ is for the none elitist regular human who simply want to be free of and be left alone by voyeuristic antagonist marketing.

/e/ WINS - Google looses. Sorry for the rant


“/e/’s communication problems”

No communication, no feedback, no direction, no real name for this OS, and so on.
For me this project is dead, despite the fact that it is indispensable. :frowning:

Tired to feel lonely, that’s why i stopped to contribute.
The way this project is conducted discourages the majority of volunteers. They won’t be coming back now.

yes many models work, but some models have critical issues.

Example: Samsung A3 2016, turning on the wifi restarts the phone.
This issue has not been fixed since more than 1 year, yet the model is still proposed as compatible.

The smartest thing would have been not to propose it as compatible until it was fixed.
Let’s be honest, this is a user who will never come back, how many lost in this way?

I’ll second the notion that /e/ works well. I am an American too and am fed up with the duopoly of Google/Apple, having owned them for personal use as well as using them at work. I first sideloaded /e/ onto a OnePlus 3T and then when it was announced that I could purchase from the US, I jumped at the idea. The 3T went to a new /e/ user and I am on the Samsung S9. The S9 has its issues, but I really appreciate having /e/ to use here in the States. This market is huge, and /e/ has great potential as word spreads. It will put resources into the work of strengthening the OS. One of the best parts of /e/ are the forums. Manoj is a great moderator for the forum I need the most- keep up the good work. I look forward to the OS maturing in the future.


No apology necessary. Everything you wrote is spot on.
I have had a very good experience here. One user even posted a new build pretty quickly when I pointed out that the S7 Edge was still on Oreo.I have a very nice Android 10 unofficial on my phone now.

Sorry about that. Did you rise bugs on /e/Gitlab? That would help. Thank you

Hi Superman! I was a fan of you when I was kid as you fight for a fair justice.:blush:

To be fair with your comments, did you rise a bug on /e/Gitlab?