e/OS for CARBON 1 ultralight phone

Carbon 1 MK II Smartphone. Thinnest. Lightest. Carbon Fiber. | Carbon Mobile is a reduced plastic, favorable recycling profile smartphone with a record light weight of only 125 grams, which is roughly 30% lighter than the average smartphone. While costly, some would very much appreciate the extra lightness and carbon shell which should help longlife. Question: How to get the privacy of e/OS onto this desirable phone ? (any equally light and e/OS capable phone welcome).

This phone was discussed here already. It’s basically cheap hardware in machined carbon scraps (which blocks signals, so it’s still partially plastics).

The reality is: it’s a niche product and paired with the price won’t sell well. This means no ROM maintainers and thus no support.

This project just had to present itself well to potential investors and probably made the “inventor” a quick coin (he is known for such methods).

I never bought a phone based on its weight, but I’d check out the official devices list first. Most phones today are made from metal and glass to provide a premium feel. Maybe some cheaper chinese phones could be lighter, as they started using plastic again (which feels like metal and glass, like on the OnePlus Nord N200).