E OS for computers

Hello E Community. I would like to ask you about E OS for computers. I know it will be released in future. So here are my questions:
Will it be based on Gnu/Linux or Android?
Which apps will it support?
Will it be possible to use USB devices (mount, unmount devices, create or copy files and folders)?
What is approximate release date?


I’d like it to be Android, because it’s finally become mature enough for desktop use (just a few tweaks still needed). But since Gaël 's name is primarily associated with Linux, I do not count on it too much.

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You can try e on the pinebook already:

I personally really dislike android (and its current ecosystem), especially as a desktop os alternative. Fortunately Sailfish, ubports, postmarketOS, etc. are getting better and better.


agree to 100%. From my side of view, Android is far far away to be a desktop OS.
If you want use a secure and privacy oriented OS on desktop, use PureOS.

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Well, maybe I should explain my position about Android. I’m a little scared by the idea of how I can install any kind of Linux to my mother’s laptop, or propose it to some even less tech savvy friends of mine. On the other hand, since they all use smartphones, it would be an interesting solution to offer them something familiar on the desktop too, something that works with the same logic.

Also, I wouldn’t mind to use Android myself on something like MacBook Air as alternative to the tablet’s touchscreen.

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search the web for ‘android x86’. There are some versions out. So you can try it and you will see, Android it nothing for desktop computers.

I will explain why I wrote “Gnu/Linux” instead of just writing “Linux” (as I usually do). Because Android is using modified Linux kernel and custom shell written in Java. From one hand, Linux is more free than Android but from another hand modern people (mostly younger generation) use their phones more often than PCs and got used to Android which has a lot of apps. I personally hate Java for being very resource intensive and Android for being very bloated and memory hungry because of Java and Google. Yes, Gael was working with Linux but in one of his Twitter posts he said that Linux failed on desktops because it lacks apps people need. I suppose he wants to fix that by basing E Desktop Edition on Android x86 which will support Android apps and PWAs.

Published by F. Tenzer, 02.01.2020

Market shares of operating systems worldwide until November 2019

In November 2019, Microsoft’s Windows operating system achieved a market share of around 77.3 percent of global page views. Apple’s Mac OS X came in at 16.7 percent in the same month, with Linux operating systems in third place at 1.8 percent. The data was collected based on Internet usage with desktop and notebook PCs (excluding smartphones and tablets).

With a market share of 1.8 percent of Linux operating systems from desktop and notebook computers worldwide, Gaël’s assessment cannot be denied.

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Of course we can believe him. I knew that Linux has 1-3% of market share and he has a long time experience as entrepreneur and developer and he knows what he is saying. But having just 2% average market share for being on the market for more than 20 years is a joke. Linux people must do something with that (In this sentence I’m not blaming Gael, I’m just saying). There are big computer companies like Intel, AMD, Dell, some of them are working with kernel and drivers, some of them sell computers with Linux. There are also open source companies like Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical. They shouldn’t depend from Microsoft, they should fight them to decrease Windows market share. It’s just bloated buggy crap and spyware.

I have tested several Android-x86 distributions, as I have already written about on this forum. I can tell you that I haven’t noticed anything that makes them unsuitable by principle. Yes, they still need many polishing, but again, nothing dramatic that would make me lose faith in that concept. It just needs more people and more work I think.

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OK, it’s a free world (most). If you want use Android on Desktop, Ok, have fun. My personal feeling is, that it’s worst on desktop and I never would use it.

I really agree with this! This is also why I think android OS will be a succes

I believe it that option already exists in Linux. One of the most powerful concepts in Android is the app store: if you need to do something just go there and search for an app, download it and be done with it. This concept not only exists in Linux: it’s based on it.

Whatever software does not come installed by default and that you need you can simply search and install through the package manager (that would be the ‘app store’ equivalent). Everything works just like what you’d expect: a point and click interface and a search bar at the top.

The best thing is that this option already exists, has active development, is well tested, and has a vast community in case you need help. So there really is no need to wait and see what comes up.

I’ll suggest you take a look at the Ezee Linux channel which is specifically oriented for people looking to transition from Windows. There’s a little bit of everything but look through the different videos and you’ll find useful material.

Hope that helps!

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and i agree, the 2nd reason i think Android OS for PCs will be a succes is the Android app store

Would like to ask all the Linux apologists here: сan you imagine an Linux distro that could work properly for several years and never cause any issue that would require a command to fix? I am currently a Linux-only user for almost 6 years and have serious doubts about this. At the same time, the average Android user will never need a command line, and this is perfectly normal scenario.

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I have actually seen it used at workplaces where they used Ubuntu because of the licenses, since it’s free to use, so I know for a fact that you can have a fairly large group of people use it everyday for work without issues. And it wasn’t a tech company, most of these people didn’t even heard of Ubuntu before nor where computer scientist or anything like that.

So clearly it depends on the distribution you have in mind. Ubuntu is very well established and Mint in particular was designed to be user friendly. It’s true that I reach for the command line quite often but just because my use of a computer goes beyond to what a ‘typical user’ would actually use it for.

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I haven’t heard of Ubuntu until one of my friends at that time who studied computer science (but in other college) showed me a disc with Ubuntu 6.06. I haven’t heard of Mandriva either until one of my college mates showed me a disc with Mandriva 2007 Spring somewhere in 2007-2008. I haven’t heard of Elementary too until my internet friend at that time told me about the OS somewhere in 2012-2013. Sure, Linux is not very popular (or not popular at all) and even not every technician or computer scientist ever heard of it or used it. I see some people here tried to help me to switch to Linux. @PNJ88_Beast Is that channel hosted by Joe Collins? I remember watching his videos a long time ago :grinning: But my question wasn’t “How to switch to Linux”. I wanted to know about E OS for desktops. Maybe @Manoj or someone else from /e/ team will tell us?

Hi @blackpoint, eOS for desktops is a long way off at this for now. This year we have a busy schedule …we have two different flavors of the smartphone OS coming out …one would be pure FOSS and the other with more commonly used non FOSS apps, a profile based setup and lots more are planned. The first target is to optimize the smartphone OS, remove the major bugs and only then can we start on the desktop OS part. Do not see that happening this year.


Hi Manoj. Thanks for the reply. I’ve heard that new name for the project will be revealed after v1 release. Can I check which is the lates version at this moment?

That’s the one :slight_smile: It’s still a great channel and I like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of Linux, so this is usually my first go to channel for that since it’s focused mostly for beginners.

I might have trailed off the topic there, sorry about that. I’m personally not very inclined to have Android on a desktop since I prefer a full solution for that; I’m quite happy that /e/ has realized that’s not the (main) focus of its product and are delaying this step for later.

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