/e/OS Night Mode Hue Shifting

Hello /e/OS and Community!

I would appreciate if Night Mode was added to /e/OS. The specific idea I have in mind is a screen hue shift, with timezone or set-time scheduling. As an example, look to the Night Light feature of the KDE Plasma desktop for GNU/Linux, as it’s a perfect example of how it should be implemented.

Basic Features

  • Customisable Hue Shift
    – 6,500K being no filter and the coolest setting.
    – 1,000K being fully red with no blue light at all.
  • Can be mapped to time zones, manual locations or triggered with system time.

Reason For Inclusion/Addition

The reason I would like this added natively as opposed to using an app, is for two reasons.

  1. Most night light apps are proprietary, so having this inbuilt without having to go searching and filtering for it in the App Lounge would make the user experience nicer.

  2. These apps use an overlay, which gets in the way of screenshots, forcing the user to use a filter to take out the red light and manually restore the image. This is extremely cumbersome if you are doing work late, and you need to screenshot something for an email to a colleague, for example.

  3. Less backslide from stock ROMs, I remember the default Android Samsung OS Skin having night light as a built-in feature. It was really nice and was a step up from the screenshots I took on my S4, affected by reason #2. Now I am back to having an external app on my phone that doesn’t integrate nicely into the settings menu.


Please implement this as part of /e/OS 2.0, as a feature like this is part of Stock Samsung Android.

Since the KDE and GNOME desktop versions of Night Light are under a GPLv2/3 License, whoever is in charge of creating such a feature will likely be able to port it from C++ to Kotlin. This is good if you don’t want to start from scratch. These are also a good reference for implementation.

Please consider this, I really don’t like that I have to use a proprietary night light app, and I would really like it to be implemented as part of the OS. No more red-shifted screenshots anymore! :sweat_smile:

Thankyou! :smile: