E OS recommeded APK downloaders & installers methods?

Is there a safe way for eOS users to safely download APK file for apps found in the Google Play store that are not listed in the store on eOS?

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Hi, I normally use f-droid (open software) or uptodown (apk mirror)

Define “safe”.
/e/ users can install Aurora Store, which is an Open Source client for the Google Play Store. It gives access to Apps directly via the Play Store with an anonymous account (if the user so chooses, an own Google account can be used, too).

Trying to not touch Google at all. So if at all possible to download the apk from a trusted source that would be preferable.

Then don’t use Play Store Apps, most of which depend on Google stuff to run and can’t be 100% guaranteed to work with microG on /e/ anyway.
Use Apps from F-Droid only and adjust your use cases to get away from Google for good. Trust problem solved :wink: .