/e/ OS without MicroG, App store & Maps?

Hello everyone, is there maybe a build of /e/ OS that doesn’t come with MicroG, App store and Maps? Or if it’s maybe easy to remove them from the OS…?


No, it’s not easy (yet?), even if many of us wish it were…

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this would be standard lineageos. Goggle services have to be installed manually, so dont do this. Or am I wrong?


/e/dev team try to remove all calls to gg in the full code, that Lineage doesn’t. And a 'normal ’ user like me can’t by itself…

’System apps’ can be disable for main user by a command with adb shell, not really difficult if you can use keyboard instead of mouse :wink:

/e/ goal is to provide a clean rebranding of AOSP easy to use for ‘mom and dad’ with alternative cloud service to easily replace gg’s ones. Ambitious and difficult…

An OS that aims to “empover its users” as they say should let them remove preinstalled apps they don’t want to have on their phone without having to use adb shell (not something mom and dad could do). It seems pretty basic to me for an OS that doesn’t lock you up. I hope it will be default when /e/OS v1 will finally arrive. It would be a nice upgrade

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I checked with the development team on this ‘uninstallable system apps’ part. The response was that the ability to make apps un-installable requires a lot of modifications to the source code as some of the core apps are dependent on each other. This would also require some elaborate testing. One workaround for now could be the ‘e-lite’ version that we have for some devices. These are devices which have a space constraint and the full complement of /e/ default apps cannot be installed or built for them. For such devices we have removed some of the ‘heavy’ apps like weather, pdf viewer …and created a small size version of the ROM. It is not like giving the user the ability to un-install all the core apps but still a workaround all the same.

Thank you for your concern and your answer! What about allowing us to uninstall apps which other apps don’t depend on, first? It would already be a step in the right direction greatly appreciated. I bet there is no app depending on most of the preinstalled apps.