/e/ star2lte (Samsung S9+) upgrade to v18-q: Questions

I’m currently using an S9+ with star2lte /e/ Android 8.1.0, latest update. Recently I’m having more and more issues, in particular with my launcher (Lawnchair 2.0) and having looked up that, noted that it may be time to move to a higher android version, as the launcher is not being developed for 8.1 anymore. Also, other issues may relate so now I’m looking into upgrading /e/ after some otherwise very good experiences with /e/. Thank you for that at this opportunity.

I already did some reading in the forum about star2lte, but some questions remain:

  1. Bootloader issue: Apparently leaving 8.1 implies losing the ability to downgrade. My understanding is, that upgrading from 8.1 to Q should work without any bootloader related issues. Correct?

  2. DEV status of star2lte: When i take a look at the DEV built of star2lte Q, it is not clear to me, why it is considered DEV status. Is it still missing some important feature? Or is its stability still low? Or is it only lacking some formal decision to update the status to stable?

  3. Is any active work being done on this built still? If some major milestone is coming up, I’d rather wait until after that. Is there?



I’ve been running /e/ v18-q on my S9+ for a while without any major issue preventing me from using it as my daily driver. I have stuck with Bliss launcher at the moment.

Good to hear. Does filesystem encryption work for you?