/e/ update for Galaxy S9?

On this page https://images.ecloud.global/dev/starlte/ the last update is quite old (20210120). Is there another link to get /e/ update for S9? Or maybe an update is planned?

Planned and currently under testing. Should be available by next week if no issues are detected. Will update here

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Great news, thank you!

HI Manoj, if for any reason the update causes problems may I assume the only option is to reinstall a previous version of 10? or do we wait for the dev team to release a follow up?

Also I am wondering, if after updating the 15 April release would a factory reset create a new baseline using that update version? I am trying to rationalize why an update might affect certain unspecified UX settings, and if a reset might shake out these issues without flashing an older version of the /e/ 10… that is if one is even available…I’m still new your development and release cycle