/e/ v0.2 release date?

Is there a tentative beta release date for version 0.2. Assuming 0.2 is the version that will support Lineage 15.1 / oreo. Just checking as I tried building from eelo0.2 branch but it does not seem to have all the correct files.


An update to the query above. The development team is working on fixing the eelo-0.2 branch. The development team has bandwidth issues given that they are working on bug fixes on eelo-0.1 branch at the same time.
This is also an invite for those who would want to volunteer to work in the /e/ development team.


yes i am willing as volunter

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Thanks will PM you on this

sure i will wait for your msg

Sent. Check and respond back when free.

The answer to the original query is here https://e.foundation/new-supported-devices-and-more/ …oreo builds should be out by next week i.e. week starting 19 Nov on wards. B.T.W the eelo-0.2 branch is ‘build-able’ in case you want to try your luck.