/e/web interface - calendar problem


I post because I’ve a problem with calendar on /e/web interface.
On the calendar page, I can’t see all task I’ve planned and can’t add new one.
Is it a problem from /e/ or Nextcloud ?
I’ve tried from different webbrowser and allways have this issue.

Thank you for your help,

Hi @Philippe.Z I was just checking this out. I added a couple of test tasks under Personal on the eDrive and then one on the phone in the Tasks app. It showed up after a couple of minutes.
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Is this what you were trying to do?

Hello, Thank you for your quick answer.
Sorry, I misspoke. I try to plan an event in my calendar on the webinterface but it’s not working.
I can add event on my phone but nothing appair on web.
The strange point is that when the webinterface opens, the events appear and then disappear immediately.