Easy installer does not find GS290

Hey there,
I just bought a Gigaset 290. I want to install /e/ right from the start.
On Arch (Endevour OS) I installed easy-installer 0.12.2-beta via snap. After starting the easy-installer via snap run easy-installer I followed the instructions to setup the smartphone:
-unlocked developer mode
-enabled usb-debugging
-checked the usb-connection mode to be file transmission

Jet the easy-installer can not find the phone. It is displayed in the file manager nautilus and I can browse the internal memory. Here is an example of the output of the easy-installer:

List of devices attached 
11:07:44.049 [Thread-16] INFO  e.e.i.tasks.DeviceDetectionTask -   waiting
11:07:46.300 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  e.e.i.c.s.DeviceDetectedController - startDetection()
11:07:46.303 [Thread-17] INFO  e.e.i.tasks.DeviceDetectionTask - runADBDevicesCmd(/snap/easy-installer/17/easy-installer-linux-x64/bin/adb/adb)
11:07:46.304 [Thread-17] DEBUG ecorp.easy.installer.models.Command - getFinalCmd(), Splitted command =  /snap/easy-installer/17/easy-installer-linux-x64/bin/adb/adb devices -l
11:07:46.305 [Thread-17] INFO  ecorp.easy.installer.models.Command - Command's Process started
11:07:46.310 [Thread-17] DEBUG ecorp.easy.installer.models.Command -   (debug)List of devices attached
11:07:46.311 [Thread-17] DEBUG ecorp.easy.installer.models.Command -   (debug)
11:07:46.311 [Thread-17] DEBUG e.e.i.tasks.DeviceDetectionTask -  raw shell outputs = 

List of devices attached

Help is welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @makie Welcome to our community.

I think this is a first report from v0.12.2-beta!

You found the troubleshooting page already?

And just to rule it out, what booting mode, on the device, does Easy Installer ask you select? In the on screen instructions, is there any sort of “switch” (into booting mode) involved which could have a “timing” issue, which is not perceived on first reading?

That plus the log output look pretty much like here: Easy installer doesn't find my FP3

I’d say USB Debugging is not properly enabled.

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Indeed, as it looks like a two step process on GS290! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, USB-Debugging was not enabled!
Now the phone is recognized.