Easy Installer for FP4

Don’t know if it’s already here, but want to ask anyway. Is Fairphone 4 getting an easy installer thing? While I could do it the “hard way,” I’d rather not. I’m already neck deep in things I should do, and don’t want to add this to it also.

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Development on the EasyInstaller is a community effort…users with development skills are always welcome to contribute. To the best of my knowledge, there are no active development initiatives on this as yet.

I personally think that one of the biggest barriers to usage is the relatively complex installation procedure (unless you buy a pre-installed phone).

I’ve been searching the community for more conversation on this…as I think there’s a significant need for the install to be 100x easier.


is it true that Easy Installer will support FP4 in the end of this month (june 2022) ? There is no possibility to have it earlier.


Where did you find this information?

Well, latest status can be found here…:

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It was mentioned in the Q&A section of the 1.0 launch event, I think, but I’m too lazy busy to look for the time index right now.

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Correct, it was at about minute 40. :slight_smile:

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