Easy installer FP4 - stuck

Hi there,
I looked around but couldn’t find exactly this problem yet on the forum. I haven’t done anything like this before, so I hope someone with experience can help me out here!

Trying to install /e/OS on my Fairphone 4, from MacOS 12.6.5. Followed the instructions carefully, and I get to this point:

I turn off the phone, the press the Volume down, connect the usb cable, and I see the menu as in the picture. Nothing happens automatically (as the instructions say). I tried ‘START’, but that just starts up the phone. Also ‘Restart bootloader’ brings me back in the same menu. I didn’t dare ‘Recovery mode’ yet…

Could anyone give me advice on what I would best do next?

Are you sure you’ve enabled OEM unlock before?
Maybe the easy installer is not able to unlock your device because it’s not yet enabled?

The installer is able to show the last lines of the internal log file but IIRC it’s not possible to copy the text. Can you confirm that? Does it even show the log?

And unfortunately it seems that no one before was able to confirm where the log file gets written to on Mac. The two places where it should be are in Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

Thanks both for your replies.

@ff2u : I’m quite sure I’ve enabled OEM as it was explained in the installer.

@Ingo_FP_Angel : I can confirm that I cannot copy the text. It does show it, I can scroll through.
I’ve checked the two places where the log file should be, but in both I cannot find it. Maybe because the Installer is already open for a while now, and these are already deleted(?).
Can I quite the Installer at this point and start it again to get back to this point (then I’d immediately check if I can find the logs)?

Here’s a screenshot of the last few lines of the log:

Hi Ben,
I hope you’re using the latest version of the Easy Installer?
If your phone shows device state is “locked”, you won’t be able to continue installation.
Let’s discuss on the helpdesk.

@Shenol : thanks for your reply, and apologies for my delayed reaction.

You suggest discussing this on the helpdesk, do you mean the Telegram channel? I don’t have another smartphone than the one I’m installing, so preferably I would discuss here, or via email perhaps?

I’ve re-downloaded the installer and am now using 0.18.1. I’m stuck now even earlier in the process. After OEM-unlocking, when ‘Checking Security Patch Level’, I get an error saying ‘Cannot get security patch information’. I did click the button ‘Send to support’ in that same screen.

I hope you can help me with this. And do let me know what is the preferred channel for this discussion.

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I´ve got exactly the same problem. I am also using a mac and using the same version of the installer (0.18.1)


You might confirm for yourself if as @xyz the device state is still locked

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Hello Ben,
I mean you should contact the helpdesk by email, or using the contact form. It is more appropriate, to make sure someone will answer timely.
If you boot into the fastboot mode, and the bottom it shows device locked, or device unlocked. If you did not complete steps succesfully to unlock the phone , you will not be able to install /e/ OS.

@aibd and @xyz : thanks, and it seems we have the same problem indeed. Also my device says ‘device state - locked’, though it seems I have done everything correctly: allow USB debugging and OEM unlock.

@Shenol : I will contact the helpdesk by email.