Easy installer in French - where's the English version?

I am in France but my (new second-hand Samsung S9) phone is in English and for some reason the e web site gave me the French installer which doesn’t tie with the English menus in the phone. Anyhow, anyone got a link to the English installer ?


I think you will find that within Snap locale-control. :slight_smile:

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Should have said I’m on Windows 10. For my sins.

Well anyway, installer is in English, no language choice options, but when I run the app it’s in French.

If only it weren’t for the quarantine I could just change countries.

“Easy-installer use your computer’s language. If this language isn’t supported, it will use english by default.”

French is listed among the supported languages.

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Installed the English OS in Windows, now Easy Installer is also in English. IMHO it would be better to offer the preferred language at app install.

Thanks for the help