Easy installer not functional

There are roms for the Poco F1 and the F§ but still for those ohones iEasy Installer is not working.
Therefore ii have to flash it on the Poco F1 trough Twrp but for the F§ this is difficult between the A/B pöartitionä

When could we expect a full working Easy installer

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The Easy installer is supposed to be fully working for the devices which it supports.
Your problem is that it doesn’t support your devices.
News about the Easy installer including support for new devices get announced here: Topics tagged development-updates

Expect? Never.
If support for new devices gets added nonetheless, it’s a very welcome bonus. For this to happen, somebody will have to sit down and add the procedures for a new device to it in a fool-proof way, which is a lot of work. In general (exceptions confirm the rule) …

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