Easy Intaller Samsung Galaxy S8 stuck on install

Hi, I was using the easy installer on PC with no issues, completed all the development mode changes fine, then the easy installer says it’s downloading, after a while it is completed and prompts me to turn off the phone. I’m then told to hold volume down + bixby + power and press volume up to continue. I do so fine. The phone screen then says downloading, don’t turn off. A command prompt opens on my laptop, then disappears and the easy installer moves on. The phone screen still says downloading, so I wait just to be safe, after >30 min I decide to proceed with the instructions on the easy installer. So I hold volume down + bixby + power to turn it off, it turns off and the samsung charging symbol appears on the phone. I’m told to now hold volume up + bixby + power, I do so and get the samsung logo, followed by an android loading logo. It eventually comes to an error saying no data. I repeated this 3 times with the same result each time.

What did I do wrong or what should I do?

Hi @dystopic, welcome here,

I don’t know.

It is the Samsung/Android protection overwritting the recovery /partition you have just replaced

Retry to flash the custom recovery manager to the /recovery patition.

Hmmm … there should be a sense of immediacy at this stage …