Ecloud / nextcloud: cannot edit calendar name or color

when I try to edit one of my calendars in the nextcloud calendar-app by

  • clicking on the three dots next to the calendar name
  • chosing edit

the calendar list disappears and I cannot edit anything.
I tried this with chrome and firefox, same behavior with both browsers.

Any suggestions?


I have tried it, and you are right. It seems to be an global issue.

Could you please create an issue for that in Github ?


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Thanks again for the answere, the issue is here:

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Nothing endures but change. (Heraclitus)

ecloud_ nextcloud

Change is the only constant in life. I miss the /e/ logo…

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Some update is in progress…original look should be back soon

Is it possible to change the color for the ecloud web app? All the calendars are grey … not much fun. But I didn’t find any options…

I raised an issue on that topic (see above). Unfortunately the link to the issue doesn’t work anymore so I don’t know if this is in progress or if it has been dropped.

Hi @weichselbaumj the issue was closed because it resembled another issues raised earlier. You can add your comments and any logs to this bug.

Hi, @Manoj thanks for the info :+1: