Ecloud (nextcloud) foldersu/files not showing

Hi there,

I have 3 devices connected with eCloud: my /e/ FP3, a Mac laptop and a Windows laptop. For some reason, just ONE folder in the “Documents” files (specifically a shared folder) shows in the phone and in the Mac laptop (where it was originally created), but it’s not showing in my Windows laptop. If I need this folder and the files inside, I have to go to the online eCloud and download it, instead of having it directly in the computer (i have nextcloud installed and linked with eCloud).

Someone knows why this behaviour is happening just in the Windows device? Why just that folder? How can I correct it?

In Nextcloud app, its green and it says the sync has been done succesfully, but it says something about ignored files wont be synced, an the name of the files needed appear (sorry, the message is in Spanish).

But in the other devices they showed correctly.

Any help?

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You can check in Ignored Files Editor.

Also, you will find NextCloud client files (including log) at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Nextcloud.
Please exit NextCloud client before opening any file :wink:

Dear graz & community,

how did you resolve the synchronization issue?

I’m facing a similar problem. I have /e/ cloud files on my /e/ Samsung phone and two linux laptops (ubuntu & mint). I use the respective nextcloud desktop apps.

Not all files sync to all devices. I do get error messages about one document only. Of some files I have different versions on different devices.

Questions that come to mind:

  1. nextcloud has a version control tool. I can’t find it from the /e/ interface. Is there a way to access it?
  2. Is there a master device? or is the master version the one I access by browser? or is it always the one on the device from which it was uploaded? Or where it was last modified?

support from the community much appreciated
kind regards


To get full Nexcloud capabilities on your /e/ device, you may install the official Nextcloud client (and disable integrated /e/ synchronization).

There is no master device, only the files attributes matter. To see what happen you can browse the log files.

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Hi @knoschke

I wasnt able to solve the problem… Still some folders wont appear in some devices.


Dear Smu44 and graz,
thank you for your replies.

Smu44, Thank you for the tip with the log files. I found them on the linux laptops but not on the android nextcloud app or the e-files online app.

Sent a support request to /e/ today and will update you

I had sent a request to the support.
This was their reply:

Can you please first make sure that you are using the latest version of Nextcloud on all devices?
Can you check if the app shows that everything is synced and if it has any errors?
Can you create a new file on the cloud, and check if it shows on all device, and also create a file on a device and see if it shows on the cloud?

I had several error messages on the nextcloud-desktop apps on my laptops. When I deleted one of the files that caused an error on the cloud, suddenly everything got synchronized across all devices.

Well done, you solved your problem :slight_smile: :+1: