Editable List of Apps that work or do not work with microG

microG is a part of the /e/ROM. For users who want to continue using applications that require the Google infrastructure but do not want their data spied upon, microG is a good plan B.

That being said not all apps work well with microG. There have been a lot of queries from users regarding what works and does not work on the /e/ OS with microG enabled .

In this editable list pl share names of apps that work and do not work with microG.

We hope this will be helpful for new and existing users to decide if they want to switch to /e/ OS or continue using their stock ROM.

The idea is to add names of only apps which are not standard /e/OS applications like social media apps.

Working with microG

App name Description Country gg
ASN Bankieren nl -
Bank of America us
BMO Banking ca
BRS Golf by GolfNow uk
Berichtenbox nl
BlueDriver OBD scan tool companion app -
Boursorama Banking fr
Capital One us
Chase Bank us
CIC fr
Cluster Client for cluster.co photo and note sharing
Comdirect PhotoTAN App com.comdirect.phototan (not yet available in AppsStore) de
Covid Symptom Study from https://covid.joinzoe.com/ uk
Crédit Mutuel Banking fr
Digitales Bezahlen Banking de
DKB Tan2Go Banking de
DKB banking Banking de
DNB Banking no
DigiD nl
Fietsplanner nl -
Firefox Focus
First Direct Banking, sideloaded uk
Fujifilm Camera Remote
Garmin Connect Fitness / activity tracking with Garmin devices
Glympse Share your GPS location
Google Maps Possible to use without logging in to a Google account. Not tried with logging in
Greenchoice nl -
Guardian Newspaper uk
Honeywell Home -
HowDidIDo Golf uk
ING Bank Banking nl
K-9 Mail
Lawnchair v2 Launcher and homescreen
Locus Maps Free
MaBanque - Credit Agricole banking fr
Messenger Facebook messaging
Messenger Lite Facebook messaging
Met Office Weather uk
Mobile BankID Banking se -
MyBanking - Triodos Bank Banking de
MyEE User app for EE UK mobile network uk
NPO but see [this comment](Editable List of Apps that work or do not work with microG which says there are problems with the update from v0.2.11 to 0.2.12) nl
NS Reisplanner Traveling nl -
Nationwide building society banking app uk
NextCloud Synchronisation client
Nvidia Shield TV
OBDLink OBD scan tool companion app. Enhanced OEM add-ons require Play Store + Google account -/gg
OS Locate find the UK grid reference of your current GPS position uk
OS Maps Access to UK Ordnance Survey map uk
OsmAnd+ Maps and GPS navigation using Open Street Map
PayPal Electronic payments
Picnic nl -
Podcast Republic
PostNL nl
Qustodio Parental Controls Parent App
Rabo Wallet nl
Rabobank Except QR code scanning to pay for things online, reported to developers…) nl
Reseplanarare Traveling se -
Revolut Banking
Ring - Always Home manage your Ring video doorbells and alarms
SecureGo Banking de
SMS Backup & Restore
SNCF Assistant fr gg
SNS bankieren Banking nl
Shelter Install apps in the Work Profile, isolated from your other data. Useful for ‘spying’ apps e.g. WhatsApp
Simple Mobile Tools FOSS apps with a common UI, including Contacts, Calendar, Note, Draw, Gallery, Music Player, SMS app, Voice Recorder, Calculator, Phone Dialer, Camera, File Manager
Simplii Financial Banking ca
Slide for Reddit
Sparda Banking Banking de
Sparda SecureApp Banking de
Spotify But another user has reported it as not working on Galaxy S9+ bought from /e/ store. You probably need to try it and see :slight_smile:
Spotify Lite
Squeezer -
Swedbank Banking se -
Swish Electronic payments se -
Tidal Music streaming
Trebuchet Launcher inofficial XDA-port (https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-lineageos-15-trebuchet-laucher-rom-t3667436)
Trello Client app for Trello online Kanban boards (now owned by Atlassian)
Twidere Microblogging client for Mastodon, Twitter
Twint PostFinance ch
Västtrafik Traveling se -
Vanilla Music
What3words Find, share and navigate to a precise location anywhere in the world. Used by emergency services (police, ambulance, mountain rescue) in the UK
WiFiAnalyzer WiFi access point status and signal strength analyzer
Zoho Mail
Zoho Notebook
ZVV Tickets ch

Not Working with microG

App name Description Country
ASN Mobiel Betalen nl.asnbank.mobielbetalen nl
BankAustria Login never ends. at
Banque Populaire (Cyberplus) fr
Coronalert be.sciensano.coronalert be
CoronaMelder nl
EBay Kleinanzeigen de
Flightradar24 freezes on first screen uk
Flipboard works but I cannot click the button to log in by email
Insight Timer cannot log in, but anonymous account is working fine
IT Satispay (banking) ?
ItsMe be.bmid.itsme be
Kanji Study com.mindtwisted.kanjistudy - not possible to make/restore the purchase of the full app: error message “Google Play billing is unavailable”
Liberty Rider fr
Locus Maps PRO
MOVO electric scooters and bikes sharing
Netflix (Causes microG to crash constantly, but app is usable when you disable microG)
Payconic mobi.inthepocket.bcmc.bancontact be
PayPal installs with SAI but crashes constantly
Pokémon Go
Santander banking app sideloaded: error message “looks like your device has been rooted, please use another device” uk
Satellite (Sipgate) de.sipgate.app.satellite. A VOIP app. Registration process seems to work, but the login with own creentials does not de
Smile banking app “device does not meet minimum security requirements” message on launching uk
SnappCar (car sharing) nl.snappcar.app [actually, it runs, but logging in fails] nl
Spotify Reported as working above. Apparently not working on Galaxy S9+ bought from /e/ store
Swile Corporate lunch credit card
Trouw Dutch newspaper app nl
Uber Lite
Vipps mobile payments no
Zity electric car sharing
Yego Motorcycle sharing app
Yuka Scans and analyzes the labels of food and cosmetic products

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Some apps need to link phone/microg to a gg account, to work., others can run in 'anonymous ’ mode. Country code and ‘gg’ flag would be useful. Eg.

fr. gg SNCF Assistant

And flag for anonymous…

ItsMe be.bmid.itsme
Payconic mobi.inthepocket.bcmc.bancontact

Without these two essential Apps in my country I don’t have any use fore a smartphone. Tested in 2019, the reason I left /e/ and the other alternative OS’s earlier this year and stopped using mobile altogether. Possibly there were changes because now ItsMe works on Huawei too, was not the case a few months ago.

Pl update the app names in the initial post. It is editable.

Added several. For non-country-specific apps I used a ‘.’ as the country code.

How? I can’t find an edit button…

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The first post in this thread is editable… Pl check the screenshot

Not for me.

Edit: Okay, now it appeared.

I’m using a Fairphone 3 so I could relock my bootloader. So I may have added apps that don’t work if you can’t relock the bootloader :confused:

Hello Manoj

I’m also not able to edit.

To be able to edit, the Trust Level 1 (Basic) is needed.

For this, here is what needs to be done :

  • Enter in at least 5 topics
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Thanks for the information, I thought it’s something like this.

I’m following the project since it was announced and was still called eelo, I’m using it since March on my phone and spent days worth of hours in this forum, but just as a silent reader. Now I finally created an account yesterday :slight_smile:

I saw my account was already promoted to the basic level, so thanks for that.

It might be worth putting these in a table (or add a flag) indicating which app store(s) (/e/ Apps, F-Droid, Aurora Store) the app can be found in

It looks like these forums do support markdown tables e.g.

App name Country Description Store gg
OS Maps uk access to UK Ordnance Survey maps Au n
Google Maps Mapping and navigation Au y/n
Trello client app for Trello online Kanban boards (now owned by Atlassian) Au n
OsmAnd+ maps and GPS navigation using Open Street Map Au Fd n

If people like the idea, I can work through the current list and put it in a table


Putting the information into a table makes sense to me though if all the apps are put into one table it would be good to have all the ones that do work up top and ones that don’t work at the bottom (or vice-versa) so there is clear separation.

Otherwise I just wanted to say that I thought this thread is a good idea and very helpful.

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Locus Maps Free

Not working
Locus Maps PRO
IT Satispay (banking)

Not working:

MOVO - electric scooters and bikes sharing
Zity - electric car sharing

microG has a wiki table of problem apps, and some have workarounds: https://github.com/microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore/wiki/Problem-Apps

The list of apps that work will probably become very long, which is good.

Without at least app and microG version numbers, such lists might not be very meaningful.


Good input.

As I see, it’s just apps that use the location API. Good start, but I think the goal of this list is to answer questions if specific apps work, especially banking apps.

Good idea about the app and microG versions. Should definitely be added. Probably in future also with a timestamp, to have an idea how current the information is.

@Manoj, can this become a wiki article?
@petefoth, if you’re still down for making a table, could you insert such fields?

Nice idea, but maintaining it would be a chore, there’s a lot of information to collect, collate and update. I think the information we have is a good starting point

I already did the table. It’s not very sophisticated - fairly standard markdown table - and adding fields should be easy for anyone to do. However, as mentioned above I’m not sure we should add a lot more, but that’s only my opinion :slight_smile:
The good thing about wiki posts - which the initial post is - is that anyone can make whatever changes they want :wink: