Email App / IMAP / Duplicated Sent Items

Hi Guys,

I have both my “” and “” accounts setup in the stock E-Mail app. Duplicate messages are showing up under Sent for new emails and also when replying from the Outlook account. This is sync’d to the server folder too. Another observation is that the status indicator at the top shows the app processing two emails in the Outbox upon hitting send. This does not occur when sending from the account within the app.

I have tried deleting and re-adding the Outlook account assuming I had screwed up all the 1st/2nd Class or Fetch/Push settings. I’ve also tried refreshing the folder list as well as rebooting. There is something about K-9 and IMAP that seems a little goofy.

Any ideas or suggestions to try? I certainly appreciate it guys and thank you.

Phone: OnePlus 6T
OS Version: Fajita v21
E-mail App Version: v5.6

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Update: I have switched to FairMail which has a some very nice email privacy/security features. This has resolved the email duplication issue with Sent Items. The version of K-9 available in eOS and lack the setting to control copying sent emails to the Sent folder.