Email notifications from calendar events don't work

I’ve had fresh installations of /e/ on several phones spanning the life of the project, and email reminders from calendar events have never worked. Has anyone had success with that?

The calendar app has selections for email reminders on events, but I never get an email reminder. The notifications work and my account receives other mail just fine.

I’ve look around for a configuration problem, but don’t know where to look.

Does this work for anyone? Suggestions appreciated.

Overall the /e/ experience is pretty good. Thanks to all.

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when I installed /e/OS last year, I had some issues due to my wish to have an offline calendar with persistent notifications.
The solution I found (thanks as well to the help of other users) was to use the standard calendar from /e/OS and install the following apps:

  • Offline Calendar (it can create an offline calendar visible in the standard calendar app)
  • Calendar Notifications (to get persistent notifications)

Both apps were available in F-Droid.

I hope that they can help with the new releases of /e/OS as well.

Thank you @sonyxa2 for replying. The information is useful.

The solution turns out to be incredibly simple and I feel silly for not finding it sooner.

Go to in a browser, log on with your /e/ account and go to the calendar. The calendar has a settings page and the notifications email field was blank. I put a valid email address in the field and now I get the email notifications.

I did not find this at first because there does not seem to be a way to see it in the /e/ OS settings, and because I assumed the initial setup wizard in /e/ OS was populating all relevant settings in ecloud. Maybe that was an oversight in the wizard, or maybe an intentional decision to let the user specify the notification email address.



… and it’s back.

Sometime in recent weeks the email reminders from the calendar stopped working again.

I checked the settings described in my prior posting above. The email address is correct (and now not editable.)
Interestingly, the label on the email field no longer says “For password reset and notifications”

Does anyone else use reminders on their calendar events? Anywhere else to look for settings?
Thanks for any thoughts.

I also look for this feature and did not find it. Any solutions?