Emails not arriving?

Somehow Im suddenly not receiving any emails anymore on my e/email account.
Ive tried to send myself emails form different accounts but nothing arrives?
Is there some sort of problem with the servers?


Works fine here, maybe your email storage is full ?

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App, webgui, or both?

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Have you been in flight mode and the flight mode has ended now?

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Ive upgraded storage but problem persistsCapture

these are messeges im getting

both mailapp on /e and webgui

you mean on my pc? I dont think so.

It was halfway full but I even upgraded it now and the problem persists

Ahm … what are we talking about? What PC? What Email App?

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Im using the native mail app on /e os
theres also a web interface (e os/ nextcloud) that im accesssing through my laptop.

since you mentioned flight mode… you mean flightmode on my phone? on my pc?

Since you didn’t specify where you couldn’t receive mails and this here is still a forum for a mobile OS I assumed you did talk about receiving mails on a mobile phone.

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I see, yea airplane mode on my phone has been off.

Im not receiving mails on either the phoneapp or the webgui.

My question was whether the airplane mode has been on and is now off. That’s a known issue of the stock Mail app - it doesn’t work anymore as expected after the end of the airplane mode. I made an official a case for that a long time ago.

But you seem to have a server side problem.

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Please see Increase eMail storage - #6 by arnauvp

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If you login to the ecloud / Rainloop and cannot see incomming mails, the it should be a mail server problem on /e/ side.

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@jordan5 this was indeed the case, I have raised your mail quota to 15GB.


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great, thank you!
I think this resolved the issue.
Is there any way I can make sure this doesnt ever happen again?
It is incredibly inconvenient.

I understand, sorry about that. I’m glad it works now.
With 15GB it should be harder to reach the limit, as previously it was only 1GB.
You can see the current % of your mailbox in rainloop web client, possibly some others.

We home to alleviate this issue in 2022, with reminders when mailbox is becoming full and better files/mail quota integration.

Kind regards,

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You can see it in ecloud / files in the left corner
in summary. 1GB is over all.

Correct, but hat value is for the files quota, which Jordan has already increased with a premium plan. The mail quota is unfortunately handled separately for now. That’s what we hope to resolve in the first half of 2022.

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