Embed ecloud calendar in own site in listview

I had the problem that i wanted to replace the embedded google calendar on my site. This was no problem with the iframe embed code. The only thing I didn’t manage is the listview I wanted in my site. Then i had the idea how to arrive at the code:

  • i inserted the frame in an article and how i expected, it was the month grid view
  • a right mouseclick on the frame in firefox and i opened only the frame in a new tab which had the followoing link in the addressbar: …ecloud.global/index.php/apps/calendar/embed/mycalendarcode/dayGridMonth/now
  • i clicked on list and the addressbar changed to: …ecloud.global/index.php/apps/calendar/embed/mycalendarcode/listMonth/now

therefore the whole embed code with listview enabled is for example: <iframe height=300" src="https://ecloud.global/index.php/apps/calendar/embed/mycalendarcode/listMonth/now" width="400"></iframe>

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