Enable HSTS for e.email

Do you know this email comparison list? https://dismail.de/serverlist.html

I did a security check for the email @e.email at mozilla observatory. The scan result is listed here: https://observatory.mozilla.org/analyze/e.email. The summary is really good with rank A+. One thing is to do. E.email is redirected with http to ecloud.global and HSTS cannot be enabled.

Additionally I did a check at MECSA. The result is listed here: https://mecsa.jrc.ec.europa.eu/en/finderRequest/45b666a09426cba83cba4b609f491bdc
The summary is quite good too. In the “advanced” tab there are more results. At DANE and MTA-STS e.email get 0 points. All other tests are perfect with 100 points.

Is there some time and will to improve it?

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