eOS installing on my FP3+

Hi folks . I failed in installing the eOS in my FP3+ with EASY-Installer.
Can I send my Phone to a service-point to do the job ?

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There are no established service points to do this job.
You could go to any local smartphone repair shop and ask them … if only to see bewildered faces most of the time, I guess. :astonished::question:

If the Easy Installer doesn’t work out for you, there’s a local support category here where you could ask whether somebody could help you in person … https://community.e.foundation/c/community/find-local-support/137

Also … Fairphone Angels (local voluntary community helpers), as mentioned in your corresponding topic in the Fairphone community forum.

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Where did it go wrong?

Fastboot driver installation, it seemed … https://forum.fairphone.com/t/e-os-on-my-fp-3-in-german/95009/14?u=anotherelk

I got to the point Easy-Installer doesn´t find my FP . I think I have the wrong driver. I can´t find the android_winusb.inf nowhere.

For Driver installation check this :


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As I did a hundred times . Doesn´t work !