Equalizer available in /e/OS?

When I was using cyanogenmod there was global equalizer. Does /e/OS have it too?


no, /e/ doesn’t have it.

Thanks for the response. Do you know the reason why by chance?

Interesting question. Anyone know an App who can do that in good way?


Launching ‘equalizer’ in F-Droid there’s a few response (music players).

Was never sure why the equalizer was removed in /e/. A good equivalent to Android’s/Lineages’s Music FX or Audio FX is probably Amir Zaidi’s Material FX equalizer. Amir is known for his Shade and Rootless Pixel Launcher, among other things.

Sadly, unlike his launchers, it’s not available via F-Droid.

Equalizer: Material FX - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=amirz.musicfx.material

What about linux Studio audio pluggin’s ?

Would it be worth to raise an issue on gitlab?

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I would say yes. The removal of LineageOS’s AudioFX equalizer didn’t/doesn’t make sense. It should be left in.
Over the years I’ve found that messing with sound mods has been a pain and not really worth the effort.
Plus most require root which a lot of folks don’t have or want.