Error by OS - Starting of several apps does not work (results in blank screen)

To whom it may concern,

I’ve experienced since yesterday the problem of starting several apps on my murena fairphone 4, powered by e os. To me it seems very arbitrary, since apps like “Anki” und “Settings” work flawlessly, but “Files”, “App Lounge”, “Firefox”, and nearly every other app does not react on starting, but is portrayed in the “recently used view” as blank apps. Does anyone else experience this problem? Does anybody know, how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance for any efforts,

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Since it isn’t mentioned … did you reboot the phone already?

Yes, several times… :sob:

Does force-stopping the Apps in question help?
Settings - Apps and notifications - See all … Apps - (select App) - Force stop

Sadly, no. If I press “Force stop” (“Beenden erzwingen”) it gives me the typically warning, but it does not change…

After forcing to stop, should the forcing button be transparent?

I also can’t understand the pattern, only “Einstellungen” and “Anki” seem to work, nothing else when I try to start it…

Ok, the following apps do work:
Settings, Gallery, Contacts (though the contacts are not loading), Clock, Telefon, Messages, Tasks, Proton VPN

the following do not work:
App Lounge, Files, Calendar, Mail, Notes, Calculator, Recorder, Standard-Browser, Camera, tagesschau app, Bose Music, Bose Sleep, Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, Bitwarden, Nina, SimpleLogin, Aegis, Firefox Klar, Firefox, Maps, Babbel, etc.

I’m encountering a similar issue: Since installing the latest system update, most apps are not starting (they get stuck at blank screen oder startscreen of the app). Telephone, settings, clock, contacts, gallery are still working, messenger is loading but fails to send messages.
(Since the updater app is also not working, i can’t re-install the update.)

Did you - or anyone else - find a solution for this? Thank you in advance!

--------- edit: Solved :slight_smile: a corrupt SDcard was the cause in my case. After I removed it, everything is working fine again. ---------

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