Error during adb sideload on FP2 - Zip signature verification

Hi all,

Sorry for digging up this subject. I can’t create a new ticket so I’m using this one.

As everybody else I got the same zip signature issue when trying to install /e/ OS.

What I did :

  • Follow this tutorial step : FP2 install instruction
  • I tried to install with twrp / /
  • I also tried and
  • I tried to install via the SD card but same result (fail around 45% ~)

I am now without idea…

If somebody has an hint, it was be awesome!

The procedure which helped the user 1 post above yours doesn’t help?

Hey man,

Thanks for your post.

I did not read your previous answer as I thought it would be a solution for FP3.
I followed your guide and it worked =)

I would suggest to add a step after “Format data”.
If you don’t reboot to recovery after formatting adb sideload fail (I forgot to note the error).

Thanks again, I was expecting an intense fight but it was almost smooth :wink:


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