Error from App Lounge when checking for updates

Could some one help. I have e/os on a fairphone 3+ when I check for updates in thr App Lounge I get the following warning. I do have a working internet both wifi and data, F-Droid and Aurora Store do work

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Maybe using 3 app stores at the same time is the problem… :wink:

Seriously, that is not a problem.

The only thing you need to worry about is that updates for installed apps should have the same signature as the original installed version. In practice that means:

  • Apps installed from the F-Droid repositories (whether via from F-Droid or App Lounge) are signed with the F-Droid keys, and will only accept updates signed with the same keys.
  • Apps installed from the Play store (whether via from Aurora Store or App Lounge) are usually signed with the app developers’ keys, and will only accept updates signed with the same keys.

In both cases, it should be possible to install updates from either store.

In response to the original post, if both F-Droid and Aurora Store are working, then there is clearly a problem with App Lounge. I suggest checking /e/ gitlab to see whether this problem is already reported. If it is, you can add a comment. If not, then you could raise an issue. And you can work around the problem by using F-Droid and Aurora Store instead of App Lounge. (I recommend doing that anyway: in my opinion App Lounge adds very little value, even if it can be persuaded to work :wink: )

Hey, I had the same issue. I do not think that there is a solution other than to wait. In the error message it is written that it probably is a server issue, that has nothing to do with you/your phone.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Yours scincerely Jasper

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The warning claims to be a server error, not a conflict error.

No longer a problem, solved in the lastest update (1.7r). At least on my Teracube 2e Emerald.

Seems to have cleared up. Must have been a ghost in the machine. :slight_smile: