Evaluate the odds for application compatibility

This is a newbie question: how to evaluate the odds that a given application in the Google Play Store would work with /e/ ?
If the application is in the F-Droid store or even in the /e/ store, does it mean it has been tested and will fully work ? And if the application is nowhere but in the Google Play Store, what are the hints that could help determine if the application would be compatible with /e/ when I install the .apk ? What if I cannot even get the .apk ?

I wish I could give it a try, but unfortunately I do not own any device compatible with /e/, and I understand I cannot run any emulator on an x86 Linux PC. Today I am locked by unwanted vendor apps I cannot remove. I wonder to what extent I would be free to install any app I like if I switch to /e/

Actually, 99% of apps in the Play Store are compatible with /e/. Why not 100% ? Just because we never know :yum:

Ok, I did not realize compatibility was so good, thank you for your reply! So there is no reason for me not to switch to /e/, except I do not have compatible hardware and I am not fond of flashing devices…
But wait, preinstalled hardware is on the way https://e.foundation/register-now-for-your-first-smartphone/
I am in!


/e/ is not some kind of completely original OS. It is just privacy-tuned and open-source-centered Android, based on LineageOS with using MicroG instead of GApps.

If you need a Play Store access — just install Aurora Store or Yalp Store. But would be better to use only F-Droid Store, since this will be enough in most cases.

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Shpock doesn’t locate you like other apps that use the latest version of g00g1e map

yes all apps that i have used have worked on /e/ as they work on Google’s version of Android, never come across one that did not work!

Thank you for the information. It makes much sense to stop using Google Maps (and applications relying on it) anyway. I am a big fan of OpenStreetMap :slight_smile:

For me, the following apps don’t work yet:


In addition to Yuka I have a compatibility issue with GadgetBridge (available in the /e/ store):
When I want to pair my Pebble watch with my Galaxy S6 the device is well listed in the Bluetooth list, but when I click it there is no acknowledgment notificifation on the watch, and GadgetBridge keeps waiting. It seems something prevents the phone from sending the pairing request to the device.