Exodus Privacy - big thanks

BTW, I just want to thank this project. I never heard of Exodus Privacy and have now been using it and what an eye opener to what many of the apps I have been using are providing to various tracking services. One very discouraging app was LastPass, of which I have been a big fan and promoter. Now I’m seriously considering switching to bitWarden as it has fewer trackers and provides the services I need. Although perhaps I’m being too paranoid?


Why this compromise? Use F-Droid store to be free of apps with any trackers on your phone, and ClassyShark3xodus app to make it sure right in “action”.


Wow! ClassyShark is the Exodus app on steroids!!! Thanks for that app suggestion. I can’t go completely tracker free yet. Trying to work my way there!

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At least a tracker-free password manager is not a problem nowadays. Also, if the main F-Droid repository isn’t enough for you, add some of THESE extra ones. Especially IzzyOnDroid – the only place where I could find a modern open-source compass app. There’s also Magisk Manager there.