F(x)tec Pro¹ (Landscape-slider hwkb)

I know somewhat an exotic device but I think the target audience is highly congruent with this project.
It currently runs on Android 9.0 Pie with a few custom apps (landscape launcher).
Bootloader is unlocked!

There are unofficial ROM’s for lineage and Sailfish:

P.S. I can only post 2 links, so the device website is: fxtec . com

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Is there a chance for e on the Fxtec pro?

This would be a good option for a phone with physical keyboard as the blackberrys are not available.

I have just ordered one of those, looks like a really good device for keyboard aficionados.
There are unofficial lineage builds for it, so in principle we should be able to do an /e/ build as well. If I find the time I will give it a try and post my findings here.

Thanks @Ralf let us know if you were able to get /e/ running on it

I have managed to do a LOS-16.0 and an /e/ PIE build based on how this worked out. But I don’t have the device yet and so can not test. If anybody has a device and wants to try just PM me, I am happy to share the build as it is, but don’t want to post it here as it is untested.


Does anyone know what is the stand on the Fxtec Pro?

Sorry for the late reply. Do you have a device yet? I have one but time is not something I have a lot at the moment. So I cannot guarantee if/when I do testing.

Still have no device. LOS seems about stable from what I read on their forum, so building e should be painless. I will happily provide a build once I have the device.