F(x)tec Pro1 build?

Any chance for the build for the latest qwerty keyboard smartphone?


or the new Pro1-X?
XDA partners with F(x)tec to make a phone that runs LineageOS and Ubuntu Touch OS, but no /e/?
F(x)tec Pro1-X, a keyboard phone
Do the developers of this project even know about /e/?


I am also very interested and would love to see official build of /e/Os on this qwerty smartphone. It will support Lineage and Ubuntu so why not /e/OS? :slight_smile:

Phone is finally on its way and sent out to developers. I hope /e/ gets their hands on one and put out a release :slight_smile:

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@Manoj Are you (or anyone from the /e/ team) planning to port /e/ to this device? It was built with the idea of LineageOS and Ubuntu Touch being available preinstalled so it would be a nice addition.

It is very easy for us to port devices which already have a Lineage OS ROM . The code files are already there and with minor changes we can adapt it to run on /e/OS. The problem comes when we get devices which do not have LOS builds.

is there a reason the Pro1 was removed from the supported devices?
added: v1-r: Add Week 49 devices (!74) · Merge requests · e / os / releases · GitLab
removed: Resolve "Remove F(x)tec Pro1 from supported devices list" (!600) · Merge requests · e / documentation / user · GitLab

seems to work fine for me in first glance

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Perhaps a headsup @Manoj ?

Also insterested in knowing this.